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A Quick Guide To El Dorado Hills Real Estate

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

The good news for those interested in El Dorado Hills real estate is that, unless you’re an archeologist, you won’t find anything older than 1957. That’s because prior to Allan Lindsey’s submission of the Greun Plan for a group of individual villages that year, El Dorado Hills didn’t really exist.

Prior to 1957, what is now El Dorado Hills existed only as a remote waypoint for gold miners and later the Pony Express. Today, El Dorado Hills is a thriving community of over forty-five thousand people. It is also a destination for wine enthusiasts from around the world.

El Dorado Hills Real Estate Basics

Like many areas in northern California, El Dorado Hills real estate is in high demand. If you’re looking for basic real estate data, here’s a quick breakdown of what the market looks like:

Total Housing Units: 15,277

Median Year Built: 1998

Median Home Price: $659,900

Percentage of Homes Owned: 13.6%

Percentage of Homes Rented: 86.4%

Average Rent: $1,854

As you can see, El Dorado Hills real estate commands premium prices. This shouldn’t come as a surprise for those who are familiar with home values in California and popular wine-growing regions in particular.

Future Real Estate Projects

In 2017 the Mansour Company (responsible for El Dorado Hills Town Center) presented a plan for the development of a project called El Dorado Hills Town Center West.

The plan calls for approximately twenty-five acres of commercially zoned property that has remained undeveloped for decades to be rezoned for residential use. The plan calls for two hundred new housing units of varying types, including:

  • Single family detached homes

  • Patio homes

  • Condominiums or townhouses

  • Apartments

Town Center West is currently still in development, but if you’re interested in learning more about the project, you can find additional information on the Area Planning Advisory Committee website.

El Dorado Hills Real Estate Agents

There is no shortage of real estate agents or agencies to choose from in El Dorado Hills. If you’re unfamiliar with the area however, Yelp is a great place to start when looking for a local El Dorado Hills real estate agent.

The following agents all have excellent Yelp reviews and serve the El Dorado Hills area:

Mark Sanders

Mark has a five-star average on Yelp from twenty-six total reviews. His office is located right in El Dorado Hills Town Center.

Gail DeMarco

Gail has a five-star average on Yelp from twenty-four total reviews. Gail also offers property management services to her clients.

Dana Miller

Dana has a five-star average from twelve total Yelp reviews.

Choosing a local real estate agent can make all the difference when looking for property in El Dorado Hills. Take your time and meet with several agents before making a final decision.

Every agent tends to have certain specialties, so it’s a good idea to make sure the agent you choose has knowledge and experience working with the type of real estate you’re interested in.

How Self-Storage Can Help

Regardless of if you’re buying or selling a home in El Dorado Hills, you may not be aware that having storage space can make your move easier.

Buying and/or selling a home often includes a transition period. For sellers, you may be waiting for buyers to arrange financing or complete the sale of their own home before they can purchase yours. Having storage space can be a helpful temporary solution if you’re unsure when or how many of your personal items you’ll be taking to a new home.

GoldKey Indoor Storage Units

For buyers who live far away or out of state, having storage space is a great way to get your belongings close to your new home while you wait for the current occupants to finish moving out.

You may also want to make repairs or upgrades to your new home before moving in. Having storage space is a great way to have access to your belongings while any construction or maintenance is being completed.

To learn more about personal storage solutions, please contact us below.

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