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Caltrans Highway 50 Streaming Traffic Cameras - From EDH to SLT

Updated: Nov 14


US-50 West CCTV Mockup

Caltrans has both still and streaming CCTV cameras positioned along the U.S. Highway 50 corridor. The highway is also known as U.S. Route 50, or US-50 for short.

If you are planning to travel from west to east along US-50 — from El Dorado Hills to South Lake Tahoe — the cameras below will inform you about traffic conditions at certain locations along the route.

These are just a few of the over 950 streaming traffic cameras that Caltrans has installed statewide.

Caltrans points out that it does not retain or archive any of the footage that you see below.

Click or tap the play button on any thumbnail to view the livestream. Once the video starts playing, you can click on the "Fullscreen" icon at the bottom right.

The milepost number is the distance from the western terminus of Highway 50, in West Sacramento. There are dozens of additional cameras between the western terminus and El Dorado Hills.

El Dorado Hills Caltrans Traffic Camera

This is one of three cameras located at the El Dorado Hills Blvd, Latrobe Road Exit.

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US-50 Milepost 29.59

Placerville Cameras

Caltrans has three streaming cameras positioned in Placerville, presumably because this area is the most susceptible to traffic delays along the stretch of Highway 50.

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US-50 Milepost 46.039

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US-50 Milepost 46.22

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US-50 Milepost 46.554

Echo Summit Caltrans Camera

This camera is mounted above US-50's highest point in California — it's at 7,427 feet.

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US-50 Milepost 95


The Meyers streaming cam is located near the US-50/US-89 traffic circle. It faces southwest.

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US-50 Milepost 98.75

South Lake Tahoe

There are two streaming cams in South Lake Tahoe. One is at the intersection of Highway 50 and Highway 89. The other is at Ski Run Boulevard.

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US-50 Milepost 103.59

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US-50 Milepost 107.47

Caltrans publishes the conditions of use of these cameras. Since we published this post, Caltrans has added more cameras on Highway 50 in El Dorado County. Please bookmark this page for updates.

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