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GoldKey Boat Storage

Indoor & Outdoor
Boat | RV | Auto 

We have indoor and outdoor storage spaces for all your toys!


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Wine Storage

Our wine cellar is a state-of-the-art, underground, climate and humidity controlled .


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Indoor Climate Controlled

GoldKey Storage is an all indoor storage facilty for all your needs! 


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Mail Center

Receive all your mail and packages at our facility with 24hr access! 


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What is Climate Controlled Storage?

Climate controlled storage is a storage type that provides regulated temperatures for storage units holding people’s items. The temperature in a climate-controlled storage unit ranges from about 75-85 degrees. The temperature depends on outside weather, warmer when it's hot outside and cooler when it’s cold outside.

Climate control protects items from being ruined in the elements. For instance, if you’re storing plastic and the heat exceeds 101-105, the heat has potential to melt your plastics or affect your furniture. In other words, climate control storage services protect your items and below are some of the items you may want to make sure are stored in a climate controlled environment.What many newcomers to self-storage don’t realize is, many everyday items are at risk if they don’t store them in a climate controlled storage environment.

What Should Be Stored in A Climate Controlled Unit?

Although climate controlled units are great for all storable items, it may not be required for all of them. The question is, “what items should be stored in units with climate control?”

If you’re looking for extra storage space should you consider climate control storage?


What is the difference between climate controlled and non-climate-controlled storage units?

  • Climate control units are often a bit more expensive than traditional units.

  • Most climate controlled storage companies are located indoors. Indoor storage facilities keep the storage units themselves away from the effects of water damage from rain, snow, sleet and hail as well as extreme heat.

  • Mold and mildew are often not an issue with climate-controlled units.

  • Most storage facilities that offer climate control are much cleaner than those that are outdoors.

  • If the storage complex is in a region that has wide seasonal temperature swings, you should consider upgrading to climate control. 

  • If you’re looking for a specific temperature to store your items in, it’s best to call the storage facility first to find out whether they can meet your needs.


What Items Should Be Stored in A Climate Controlled Environment?

  • Wooden furniture that can warp or crack

  • Items containing leather

  • Leather furniture & leather clothing

  • Paper documents and books

  • Musical instruments that can be damaged by changes in temperatures or humidity

  • Paintings and photographs

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. If you’re storing items that mean a lot to you, climate control storage is the best option. Many customers that choose GoldKey Storage of El Dorado Hills find that they prefer climate control over the traditional storage services. We advise that you look into how extreme varying temperatures will affect the items you want to store.


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  • 1/2 Off Your First 2 Months for 5x5 and 10x5 units

  • 1/2 Off Your First 2 Months for Mailboxes & Wine Storage

  • 20% off All Merchandise

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  • Hand Truck Rental - $5.00 per hand truck per day

  • Moving Blanket Rental – includes 3 Blankets - $5.00 per day

  • Lifting Straps - $5.00 per pair per day

  • Ratchet Straps x 2 - $5.00 per day

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