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Why Store Your Wine in an Outside Facility?

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Bottles in Wine Cooler

When it comes to wine storage, our motto at GoldKey is, "there's the wine you drink and there's the wine you keep."

In other words, you might buy a Bogle Old Vine Zin or a Cielo Estates Grenache Nouveau with the intent to enjoy it at some point over the coming weeks.

On the other hand, there's wine like a Silver Oak Cabernet that you may not open for months or even years.

For long term, in-home wine storage, there are a range of options. On the low end is a small wine cooler. On the high end, you can pay thousands of dollars for a Transtherm brand wine cellar cabinet.

Why would you want to use a wine storage facility outside of your home?

"Out of Sight"

When you store wine outside of your home, there is an "out of sight, out of mind" factor. You may not want to have your more expensive, long term wine quite as easily accessible to you, your family member and your visiting friends.


A collection of quality wine can add up to a lot of value. 100 bottles of wine at an average cost of $60 per bottle is $6,000 worth of wine.

You may want the security of having most of your valuable bottles stored somewhere other than in your house.

Upright Storage

We recently wrote a post on side vs. upright wine storage. If you are a believer in upright storage for wine that will be stored for years, bottles can be stored upright in the case in an outside facility.


You may not have the available space in your home for one or more wine cellar cabinets.


You can store over 120 bottles in an offsite facility for about $29 per month. This cost can be compared with a one time cost of $3,000 (plus ongoing electricity costs) for a wine cellar cabinet that holds the same number of bottles.

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