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El Dorado Hills Post Office Box Alternative

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

When people hear the words “PO box”, they typically think of the small, gilded mailboxes available for rent through their local United States Post Office. Many aren’t aware that there are private alternatives to renting a U.S. post office box.

A lot of U.S. Post Offices, including the one in El Dorado Hills, currently have a waitlist for PO box rental. Private mail centers can more easily scale to meet the local demand for mailboxes.

In this blog post, we’ll first look at the general benefits to renting a PO box. Then we’ll look at some of the advantages to private mailbox rental over U.S. Post Office boxes.

General Benefits of Mailbox Rental

Compared to receiving mail at home, both U.S. PO boxes and private mailbox rental offer customers a number of helpful features. These include:

  • Additional Security

  • Early Delivery

  • Enhanced Privacy

  • A Permanent Address (even if you move)

  • Affordable Pricing

Additional Security

Private mailboxes are located inside a building that is locked and only accessible to those who have a key card. Most private mailbox rental locations offer 24/7 access so that mail can be retrieved at any time. Unlike at home, mail cannot be stolen, tampered with, or destroyed by anyone who walks by.

Early Delivery

Mail is typically delivered to PO boxes and private mailbox rental services earlier in the day than home mail delivery. Mail is often available before 12pm, which is convenient for those who need same-day-mail-out service.

Enhanced Privacy

Private mailbox rental is an excellent way to gain increased privacy and identity protection for those who need it. It’s also helpful for those who may want to keep certain types of mail or correspondence separate from the mail they get at home.

A Permanent Address

Those who move within an area or travel frequently know how inconvenient it is to make changes to mail delivery service. Changing addresses, arranging for forwarding, updating friends and family is a pain.

A private mailbox provides a long-term permanent address that reduces or eliminates the need for changing mailing addresses on an ongoing basis.

Affordable Pricing

Private mailbox rental is affordable. Mailboxes are usually available in a few different sizes. Prices for monthly service depend on what size box a customer needs. Service typically runs between $15 and $25 per month.

PO Boxes vs. Private Mailbox Rental

For those interested in an El Dorado Hills post office box alternative, private mailbox rental offers several key benefits over a standard PO Box:

1) Physical Address: With a private mailbox service, you get an actual street address, not a PO box number. This means it can be used in exactly the same way as a home address would be. This is ideal for online and/or home-based businesses.

2) Shipments From All Carriers: Private mailboxes allow you to get deliveries from any carrier, including USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Private mailbox providers generally allow customers to have deliveries made to their location, signed for by the staff, and kept safe until a customer is ready to retrieve their delivery.

Here at GoldKey Storage in El Dorado Hills, we rent both mailboxes and underground wine storage lockers. Rather than having your wine shipped to your home, you can have your wine shipped to our building. We will accept your wine club shipment and store it in your underground wine locker.

3) Eliminate Package Theft: Depending on where you live, you might be at risk of package theft.

This NASA scientist, who presumably lives in a decent neighborhood, was so frustrated with package theft, that he pranked the thieves of his packages in a creative way:

You don’t have to go to this extent. We’ll accept and store your packages for you. You can come in during office hours and pick up your packages.

4) A Better Customer Experience: Few online reviewers consider time spent in a U.S. post office to be a five star experience. Private mailbox providers have an incentive to provide responsive and friendly service.

5) More Convenient In & Out: For many, there may be only one post office location in the area they live. Post Offices are often located near other storefronts, which means tight traffic and competition for parking spaces. Private mail centers are often more convenient to get to and from.

Choosing An El Dorado Hills Post Office Box Alternative

If you are looking for a mailbox for either personal or business reasons, it’s worth your time to consider several post office box alternatives.

In addition to finding out the prices and location of a provider, you should look at the services offered. Not all private mailbox rental services are the same. Finding one that meets your needs will help ensure that your provider is making your life easier -- not just adding one more chore to your list of daily tasks.

For more information about the services offered here at GoldKey Storage, including private mailbox rental, please contact us via one of the options shown below.

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