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6 Ways to Create Extra Space If You're Working From Home

Updated: Jan 23

Now that more of us than ever are working at home, a lot of people are tripping over things and over each other.

What are some of the ways that you can get extra space in your apartment or house to give yourself more room to move around—especially when you're lacking in storage areas?

Here are six ideas, any of which can be used in combination with the others.

1. Give things away

NextDoor.com is a good site for selling things or for giving them away. You can post your free items without publishing your street address. Just ask people to private message you in the description of your post.

Free Item on NextDoor.com

2. Take stuff to the town dump

When you can’t give something away for free, that’s a good indicator that the item should be included in your next dump run.

3. Build a storage shed

Need a project? You can build a shed to house some of your things. Here’s a time-lapse made by iCreatables of Santa Rosa, California:

Keep in mind that certain items will not do well inside a shed during the summer heat.

4. Move yourself into a shed

Vendors of prefab sheds like Tuff Shed have many customers who work out of their sheds. Of course, you’ll need to provision the space for an air conditioner during the hot summer months.

You can also build a backyard home office from the ground up.

A Backyard Shed

5. Rent a Storage Pod

Storage pods are a good short-term solution. However, they are unsightly for you and your neighbors. The inside can have oven-like interior temperatures during the summer months.

An Outdoor Pod for Extra Space

6. Move some of your items into a self-storage unit

Your guest bedroom, which is now your office, may not be visited by a guest any time soon. But you don’t want to dispose of a bed frame and mattress. You just want to get them out of the way for a while.

Climate Controlled Self Storage Facility

Taking items like a bed frame and mattress to a climate-controlled self-storage facility will give you a lot of extra floor space and wall space. It will also save you from banging your shins on the side of the bed.

Check Self-Storage Availability

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